Personal Message


Dear Patient & Family,

Thank you for considering South Valley Hospice Services as your hospice provider. Our skilled hospice team is committed to walking alongside you and your family throughout this difficult journey. 

Having personally been through a hospice experience for my own loved ones, the warm philosophy of hospice care inspired me to develop a hospice program within my own community. I have traveled your path and walked in your shoes, and the hospice service made those emotional times a truly memorable moment for me and my family to forever hold in our hearts. I now have a greater understanding of the strong desire to give the best to the ones we hold dear, and surround them with only the most competent and compassionate caregivers.

South Valley Hospice was created to provide an environment where individuals and families can cherish the lives of their loved ones and create lasting memories to prize and treasure. Our services were developed to help patients move through the last phase of life with comfort, peace, dignity and grace. It is our belief that life, at every possible stage, should be lived to its fullest and brightest potential, surrounded by the people closest to us. It is our utmost desire to ensure that each day of the journey, regardless of how challenging it may be, contains moments of tranquility, peace of mind and benevolent care.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to build a team of trained professionals, all of whom are dedicated and fully committed to providing personalized care and support to each patient and family member we are so privileged to serve.

As you go through this most difficult time in life, please know that we are especially honored to be at your service and to be invited to share these special moments alongside you.


Eugenia Sotomayor